Analisis Variabel Kinerja Karyawan Dan Kepuasan Kerja Dengan Pendekatan Job Performance Pada PT Saung Naga Kikim Palembang

Effendy, Achmad (2008) Analisis Variabel Kinerja Karyawan Dan Kepuasan Kerja Dengan Pendekatan Job Performance Pada PT Saung Naga Kikim Palembang. Other thesis, Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Musi.

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Now adays, performance is important capital that must owned by employees in a company. In a company, everything that they’re working on, are claimed to go fast, fluent, and directed, in order to adjust the expanding era and reach the goal effectively and efficient. Realizing the importance of human resources or labour’s role in a company, then the manager must pay attention to their existence by giving compensations whether materials or non-materials and usual to be accepted by the company. Saung Naga Kikim Ltd is a company which is moving in the tower building construction bussiness. In this company, performance of the employees is value by how he finished the duty thathad been given to him. The employees will be given the duties with different level of difficulty that always changed. If the duty can be finished properly, then there is a possibility that the employee can be promoted to a higher position, to be transferred to another section, or to get a salary hike. Basically job satisfaction is individual things. Every individual will have different satisfaction degree according to the values system within himself. Job satisfaction are considered as the result of the interaction between human and his working environment, including the difference of and individu whether the situation in his working environment and the feeling of people to his job and of course is also the reflection of his attitude to the job. From the employee’s performance data of Saung Naga Kikim Ltd. by using the performance measurement based on the Scale Rating, at the result, the employees performance of technique division is higher than supporting division, because based on the measurement of performance of the employees on technique division found that 80 % had high performance. While on the employees of supporting division found only 60 %. From the employees performance data and job satisfaction level data based on r Product Moment table of value, for significant level 5 % and amount of N = 21, value of r tables is 0,433 from the calculating result of r1 value are 0,891 and 0,818 then point 1 is validated. The average value of average of employees performance level is 3,35 and average value of average of employee job satisfaction level is 3,23. From the kartesius diagram, can be seen that on a quadrant, the major priority that important and need to be fixed are discipline factor, language ability, speed of decision making, accuracy, experience, memory, working desire, emotional stability, policy, and ability to teach, for the B kuadran, the major factor and being for the achievement are initiative, assidinity, job domination, loyality, honestly, ability to handle an emergency situation, ability of the delegation responsible, neatness, and moral/ manner, of the C quadran, is a less mojored factor but have a good employee satisfaction level which is leadership factor. From result of value calculation X2 to assess job satisfaction with performance got X2 as high as 174,84 and to assess job satisfaction with the duration employees work got X2 as high as 129,37. Value X2 tables with degree of freedom = 8 and mistake level 5 % it's 15,507. Because X2 bigger than X2 tables, then Ho are refused and Ha are accepted, that means existed significant relation between job satisfaction level and performance and job satisfaction level and the duration employees works.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Employees performance, performance variable, job satisfaction, job performance.
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